The big fun photo wall

GS photo Chain

Many of our clients are now incorporating fun photography such as a photo booth as part of their event, but we believe that what we offer is pretty unique and will give your party that extra unique edge.

Why not add another dimension to your celebrations with this item that can give each of your guests a personal keepsake of your big event.

We provide a qualified photographer (not a machine) who takes your picture in front of a green backdrop and then using some very special software can remove the background and add a new one, so you can be transported to a beach, cartoon land or even space, we could even make it part of a theme you might have. The process is very simple, we set up a green screen backdrop and a couple of lights. Then with a few props we take your picture. We then select a background and with a little bit of magic blend the two together, finally we put the images on a DVD as JPG files so you and your friends can share them as many times as you like and keep as a memento of your day.

Here is part of a review from a recent client.

The photos – fabulous ! we have had so many compliments on the pictures you took during the evening and the green screen was a big hit, lots of laughter the next day over the dressing up antics ! Wish we could do it all again.  Once again, huge thank you. Very professional, hope we are lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in the future where you are the DJ ! FANTASTIC

Nicky Grayson x (photographs for this event can be viewed here)


Below are a few examples of how it works (click any image to enlarge).


example 1


examp 222


examp 3333


There are thousands of combinations to make a very special and individual image for each of your guests.

We offer our fun photography package from £350 for this you get a fully qualified photographer, professional photography equipment plus all the images on a high resolution DVD for you to duplicate or print out as you wish.

Some examples from previous events, click image to enlarge. _IKL3146 _IKL3153 _IKL3154 _IKL3163 _IKL3186 _IKL3188 _IKL3225 _IKL3236 _IKL3243 _IKL3252 14570589_1248705841835557_2726390982359180373_o 14700931_1248719605167514_2785111979417081076_o 14706973_1248696461836495_7876232705087317772_o 14711571_1248706455168829_1637794443733354211_o 14711662_1248705648502243_840667036461670443_o 14712630_1248696538503154_3277380153109820628_o 14714880_1248706118502196_1670977019482715923_o 14714946_1248695921836549_4734584543117729168_o 14714965_1248705861835555_912644147634826338_o 14714971_1248706311835510_2807119254967304683_o 14715444_1248705938502214_4708445856432187351_o 14753840_1248706018502206_8019183871140918399_o